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 190 W 200 S, Manti, Utah 

A beautiful backdrop for your love story

Celebrating history, luxury, and a healthful way of life! A true mountain getaway with ornate rooms & a full spa.





















The Manti Temple and city are a jewel in a picturesque mountain top valley crown.






Thank you for the great stay! It was beautiful. Everything was clean and the hospitality was excellent. My wife says she is excited to return. Thank you.  - Mike & Jessica Terry

What a great experience to stay here !  We were greeted with love and concern. We are leaving feeling loved and cared for. 
But then, that is how God's children treat each other.
Love,  - Gladell & Fred Weidner

f I lived here I'd live to be 105.

Great food. Wonderful bed.  Great surroundings.  

Loved every minute! Thank you! 

- Joanne Wilson - Provo, Utah


Roses, pillows, sunroom & plants!!

Truly the perfect getaway -- incredible massage, comfy luscious beds, library . . . very sweet . . . attention to detail is so much appreciated. Love This Place! Thank you for bringing us even closer

- Melissa & Carlos


I have to say that this by far is the best stay we have ever had, period. 

Thank you. We really enjoyed ourselves.

- Tommy & linda


It was like coming home -- fantastic!

Inviting, peaceful, and a memorable experience. 

We will definitely be back. 

- Casey & Tiffany


I'm not 'a writer', but if I were I would be able to fill this whole book with accolades for The Yardley Inn, owner, staff, etc, etc. . . made my whole experience here in Manti for the Pageant WONDERFUL. I can't wait to come back.
- Kendall Blackner (and Banjo) - Ogden, Utah

This was the most wonderful B & B ever!
Love staying here and the food and hospitality was AWESOME!
- Scott & Cherie Blomquist - Craig, Colorado

The joy & spirit we felt & shared is indescribable -- it was a wonderful life experience!  Food -- Hospitality -- Thoughtfulness -- were the best!  "I'll be back"  . . okay, "We'll be back!"  
Love ya

- Tom & DeAnne Kilgore

Thank you SO much for the amazing room and service! We really enjoyed our stay here and it was the BEST place to spend our first night as a married couple! Breakfast was amazing! Thanks for the memories!

- Zak & Shannon Ence

Beautiful renovation. Love coming back every year for the past 20 years. Food was delicious! 

- Ron & Lisa Nance

Thank you for such a beautiful experience!

You have made our 25th wedding anniversary one to cherish and remember always . You have don an amazing work in restoring this bed & breakfast, and I can't wait to come back to se your progress. Thank you for the tour and history. This place has a spirit of it's own and having the temple so close was a big plus. Katelon, your breakfast was beautiful and tasteful. It was also enough to satisfy us until lunch. Loved our gorgeous room. . .  such a wonderful experience. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 
All our gratitude & appreciation,

-Josh & Christina Beisenger - Farmington, Utah


We love this beautiful home and you have made it more beautiful, and fun to visit. 
Thank you for our wonderful stay and for ar ranging the carriage ride. 
A great stay. 
We wish you the best in this amazing adventure!
- Dennis & Nelian Layne - North Salt Lake, Utah


What a wonderful place to stay! 
A friendly and helpful staff that helped us have one of the BEST vacations EVER! We feel we have made friends here, the staff has been that great. We could feel the spirit in this home . . . thank you!
We will be back! 
- Randy & Jenny Cote


This is the cutest and classiest hotel I have ever stayed at. It has been a pleasure. Thank you!

- Hannah McFarland


We are very impressed by the hospitality, the inside, by the architecture, and the ambience they create together. This house is beautiful and unexpected to find here in the middle of Utah -- it's reminscent of the grand houses of Europe!

- Peter and Renale Degen - Norway


--We had the most wonderful time here! This was the PERFECT place to spend our first anniversary. We are definitely going to return! One of the best moments was the delicious breakfast with such sweet company.

    We also couldn't believe the fun of the library -- and finding hidden treasures inside one of the books! 
This place is a dream!
- Kendra & Steven Haws - Bountiful, Utah



Our stay was wonderful

Amazing hospitality

This was a perfect stay away for us

-Tim & Becki Bender


We came to stay for our 39th Wedding Anniversary. It was the perfect place for our stay. Thank you so much for your hospitality. We will definitely recommend your home to others. 
- Hal & Peggy Meyer - Stansbury Park, Utah


Best experience we've had at a B 'n B. Thank you!
-The Carons

Hands down, the Best Bed and Breakfast we have have been to.

Thank you! 
- Dan & Debbie Melander


This has been amazing! 

Thanks so much for your courtesy & care -- 
What an anniversary!
- Aaron and Katie


We have experienced BLISS!

This place is wonderful! our massages were "out of this world!"

Thank you!
--Gerald and Shauna Wayman


Thank you so much for being wonderful hosts! The Lavender & Lace Room was so dreamy! We will return again and again. What a wonderful place to celebrate our wedding. Love and gratitude, 
-- Abby & Boo Reiser


Wondeful stay . . .so peaceful and welcmoing. . . A Home away from home.  Thank you so very much! 
-- Kevin & Laura Church


Thank you so much for your hospitality and link to the past. Here's to more visits to come! 
Dr Allen Celson & Antoinette Celson


There is a wondeful spirit of light here. 

Breakfast was fantastic!
You have done a great job creating a very comfortable atmosphere to relax in . . .This was an absolutely wonderful place to stay!

-- Wesley & Mary Mitchell


Thank you so much! It was amazing . . . 

Wouldn't have picked any where else! 

Five stars! We had a great time that we will always remember!


- The Clarks


We are so grateful to have found such a gem of a B & B! 
We had a great time; thank you for your hospitality! We will definitely be returning!  Love, 

- Scott & Kimberli - American Fork, Utah 


Thank you for the great stay!  It was beautiful. 
Everything was clean and the hospitality was excellent. 

My wife says she is excited to return. 

Thank you 

-Mike & Jessica Terry


Our stay was great and such a beautiful home and the staff were kind and caring. Will certainly tell people if thy come to Utah to stay with you! Thank you so much!
- Rod & Doris Akitt - Alberta, Canada


What can I say?  I feel so incredibly blessed to have met all of you and to be so immersed in the love and incredible energy that surrounds all of you and this house. Thank you so much for opening your home and your hearts to us. There are people that you meet that immediately etch themselves in your heart and I truly felt like a part of the beautiful "Family" that you have created here. . . Shawn says thank you for having us and showing us such a wonderful time! Kindred spirits !!! I truly feel so much love here.

 Add me to the list of people who were "inspired" to come. 

- Karly Johnson - Orem, Utah



Thank you so much Yardley Inn Staff! :) We came here exactly 1 year ago for our honeymoon, back when Marlene was in charge. We're so glad to se that it still has the sam small town charm and warm Manti feel. You've done a great job keeping as many of the original aspects as possible . . . you'll most definitely be seeing us year after year! 

Thanks so much for the wonderful stay, food, kindness, hospitality, etcetera, etcetera etCETERA!  
We love The Yardley Inn & Spa! :) 

Hope to see you soon! 
-Nataly & Nathan Richardson - Utah County



Of all the tomorrows and all of todays,

There has never ben a more wonderful stay!

Of days and nights in a loving home, with new friends . . . 

We hope our journey never ends of seeing you in joyous leis

Fragranced with these past few days.
What joy we shall have when we pass by again 

To stay with our wonderful friends . . .  Thank you!

Much Love & Blessings to all of you!
- Levi & Cyndi Hancock

p.s. Everything was wonderful !!!



We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay. 
The room is very nice; but the best part of our stay has been the people here. We have felt immediately like family! 

Also, the breakfast was wonderful! Delicious! I only wished I could have eaten more! 
We have rally enjoyed our stay! 
Thank you! 
- Mark and Candace Bergquist - Highland, Utah


A beautiful, peaceful place -- Thank you! 

- Sharon Hansen


 . . . thinking this is almost a destination. . . Well, it is! 

A great place to come just to get away, go to the temple, and unwind -- 
- Todd Hansen



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