PURE                                QUALITY                                                                                                

(KAY-ESS-K... like picturesque)

KA means PURE and comes from KATELON which derives from the Greek "Aikaterine" meaning... pure one, clear, innocent.


KAESQUE means PURE QUALITY or literally... the pure in heart.


The mission of KAESQUE is to simply be one of the instruments in the symphony of those lives and creations that... keep the  welfare of zion. KAESQUE is one of a growing number of efforts within the new ancient category of... KEEP ZION.

ZION consists of nothing less and nothing more than hearing and hearkening to ones Divine inner voice (our heart from which all things flow)... thereby keeping all we think, do, speak, understand, create and joy in Divinely ratified and empowered as PURE.


KAESQUE is a style and invitation to... begin from withinn... to cleanse, nourish, retreat, renovate, rejuvenate, renew. KAESQUE radiating from the Manti Yardley's Inn (historic & newly renovated) is a setting, experience, awareness and sense of being and doing. 


The KAESQUE setting & staff offer: 
History, beauty, faith, body treatments, B&B rooms, essential oils, beauty, health, knowledge, community, and more. The surrounding area also offers: Sanpete events, the Mormon Miracle Pageant, Snow College activities, golf, museums, rock climbing, atv rentals & trails, romance, calm... and much more.